Levitation Music Festival

ADC Young Ones 2020, Merit Award

Levitation is an annual psychedelic music festival that takes place in Austin, Texas, rebranded and designed in collaboration with Tiffany Pai. For the rebranding, we took inspiration from The Memphis Group's usage of bold colors and geometric patterns and the rich database of visuals related to psychedelia to create the identity. 

The logotype comprises various letters from different fonts, some hand-drawn, to create a system that adapts to all the various artists and bands that headline the festival.  

We created a collection of patterns, textures, and illustrations used interchangeably throughout the whole identity, and designed the different elements so they can be easily used by anyone to create a striking image—the more eclectic, the better!

Having this strong foundation can be used to the festival's advantage—for example, letting festival-goers have the freedom to customize their own merch, giving them the autonomy to design for themselves without sacrificing the brand identity. 

Ultimately, the team strived to create an easily recognizable, unpredictable, and flexible design system.

Unsolicited. Proposed rebranding made in Justin Colt and Jose Fresneda’s (The Collected Works)Type for Masters class at the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Design program.


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