Public Records

Designing one poster a day for The Sound Room at Public Records, a music-driven restaurant, performance, and community space in Brooklyn. 


I designed these posters during a one-week design sprint for a typography-focused class at SVA. I limited the color palette to black, white, pink and neon green, and kept all the information about the date, time and place in the same location across all the different posters. These simple restrictions allow for creative freedom across the rest of the poster. 
Illustrations, moving type, photography, and even a black-and-white scan of a bumpy gourd—just about anything goes, as long as it fits within the color scheme. The resulting posters are eclectic and quirky, while still all clearly part of the same family.

Unsolicited. Posters made in Justin Colt and Jose Fresneda’s (The Collected Works)Type for Masters class at the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Design program.

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