Editorial illustrations for Supercluster, a partnership between A24 and GrandArmy, and sponsored by Dropbox.

Supercluster was built to tell the human side of our greatest outer space stories, through film, animation, photography, illustrations, podcasts, interactive experiences, and data visualizations.


It Might Be Aliens

A set of illustrations for an interview with astronomer Avi Loeb, who talks about aliens, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI), and the twisted nature of academia.

The History and Future of the Term "Astronaut"

Where does the word ‘astronaut’ come from? What will space travelers be called once the general population is allowed into space? Should space tourists even be called astronauts? What would space tourism even look like? I created a set of five illustrations to accompany an article that asks all these questions, imagining a fantastical world in space.

What it Means to Lose Arecibo

Illustrations for an article that pays tribute to the fallen Arecibo telescope, which sent humanity’s first deliberate message for intelligent minds beyond Earth and played a huge role in SETI’s history.

The Algorithm to Mars

A set of illustrations for an article about Curiosity, limitations of what AI can do for space exploration, and whether we need an advancement in AI to be able to get to Mars. 

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